Los éxitos dance de 1982, 1992 y 2002

82 Los éxitos dance de 1982

01. Trans X "Living on video"
02. Gary Low "You are a danger"
03. Falco "Der kommissar"
04. Eurythmics "Sweet dreams (are made of this)"
05. Bobby O "She has a way"
06. Queen "Under pressure"
07. The Twins "Face to face (heart to heart)"
08. Lime "Babe we're gonna love tonight"
09. Imagination "Just an illusion (Extended)"
10. Yazoo "Don't go"
11. FR David "Words"
12. ABC "The look of love"
13. Michael Jackson "Beat it"
14. Ultravox "Hymn"
15. Dream Sequence "Outside looking in"
16. Boys Town Gang "Can't take my eyes of you"
17. Gazebo "Masterpiece"
18. Divine "Shoot your shot"
19. Freeez "IOU"
20. Madness "Our house"



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92 Los exitos dance de 1992

01. Ace Of Base "All that she wants"
02. Rozalla "Are you ready to fly"
03. Interactive "Dildo"
04. Felix "Don't you want me"
05. CO.RO feat Taleesa "Because the night"
06. Jordy "Dur dur d'etre bebe"
07. Ellegibo "Ellegibo (una historia de ifa-ejigbo)"
08. LA Style "I'm raving"
09. Willy Morales "Last train to london"
10. 2 Unlimited "No limit"
11. Leila K "Open sesame"
12. USURA "Open your mind (classix mix)"
13. Pin-occhio "Pinocchio"
14. The Nightcrawlers "Push the feeling on"
15. Haddaway "What is love"
16. Snap "Rhythm is a dancer"
17. Bad Boys Blue "Save your love"
18. Netzwerk "Send me an angel"
19. Double You "We all need love"
20. Robin S "Show me love"



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02 Los éxitos dance del 2002

01. Kate Ryan "Desenchantee"
02. Unit 5 "Feel the stars"
03. Ellen "I am free"
04. David Guetta "Love don't let me go"
05. Gabry Ponte "Geordie"
06. Lady Violet "No way no time"
07. Yanou pres Do "On and on (radio edit)"
08. Jan Wayne "Only you"
09. Ago "Put on your red shoes"
10. Mad House "Like a prayer (extended)"
11. The Underdog Project "Saturday night"
12. Ian Van Dahl "Secret love"
13. Barcode Brothers "Sms (extended)"
14. Prezioso feat Marvin "Somebody"
15. N-Trance "Forever (voodoo and serano edit)"
16. Foggy "Take the future"
17. 4 Clubbers "Together"
18. Catch "Walk on water"
19. Rupaul vs Gitta "You're no lady"
20. Scooter "Nessaja (original extended mix)"



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