Los éxitos dance de 1989, 1999 y 2009

89 Los éxitos dance de 1989

01. Queen "I want it all"
02. Tone-Loc "Funky cold medina (full version)"
03. Mano Negra "Mala vida"
04. Transvision Vamp "Baby i don't care"
05. Peter Schilling "Terra Titanic"
06. Texas "I don't want a lover"
07. Nick Kamen "I promised myself"
08. Then Jericho "Big area"
09. Kaoma "Lambada"
10. Depeche Mode "Personal jesus"
11. The Cure "Lullaby"
12. Ice MC "Easy"
13. The Beach Boys "Kokomo"
14. Twenty 4 Seven feat Captain Hollywood "I can't stand it"
15. Cyndi Lauper "I drove all night"
16. 49 Ers "Touch me"
17. Black Box "Ride on time"
18. Guru Josh "Infinity"
19. Cetu Javu "A donde"
20. Technotronic "This beat is technotronic"



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99 Los exitos dance de 1999

01. Rollergirl "Dear jessie"
02. Ace Of Base "C'est la vie (remix)"
03. Mabel "Disco disco"
04. 2 Eivissa "I wanna be your toy"
05. Gigi d'Agostino "Another way"
06. Donna Summer "I will go with you"
07. Jump and Joy "Let's roll"
08. T1000 "Love"
09. KayCee "Millennium stringz (radio edit)"
10. Prezioso feat Marvin "Tell me why"
11. Eiffel 65 "Move your body"
12. French Affair "My heart goes boom"
13. Oil "Oh eh eh"
14. Darude "Sandstorm"
15. Consilio "Take my heart"
16. Bloodhound Gang "The bad touch (eiffel 65 remix)"
17. Topazz "The new millenium"
18. United Deejays for Central America "Too much rain (atb vs woody van eyden)"
19. Phats and Small pres Mutant Disco "Turn around"
20. Veracocha "Carte blanche"



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09 Los exitos dance del 2009

01. Taio Cruz "Break your heart"
02. Wally Lopez "Close to me (house radio mix)"
03. Javi Mula "Come on"
04. Fragma "Forever and a day"
05. Resource feat Tina Cousins "Hymn"
06. Nicola Fasano vs Pat-Rich "Happy birthday (chriss ortega radio mix)"
07. Black Eyed Peas "I gotta feeling (david guetta remix)"
08. Calvin Harris "I'm not alone"
09. Armin Van Buuren feat Sharon Den Adel "In and out of love"
10. Italo Brothers "Stamp on the ground"
11. 89ers "It's okay and alright"
12. Michel Cleis feat Toto La Momposina "La mezcla (copyright remix)"
13. Selena Gomez and The Scene "Naturally"
14. Laera "Odissea mediterranea"
15. Edward Maya feat Vika Jigulina "Stereo love (extended mix)"
16. Pulsedriver "Superstar"
17. Prezioso and Marvin "The riddle"
18. Gabry Ponte feat Miani "Vivi nell'aria (old's cool radio edit)"
19. David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland "When love takes over"
20. K-Ra and Era feat Teixi "It's now or never (extended)"



Fecha de edición: 21/12/2014
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