Maximo Voltaje Spring 2016

Maximo Voltaje Spring 2016

01. AronChupa feat Little Sis Nora "Little swing"
02. INjoy feat NeYo and Shiloh "Again"
03. Danny L Harle "Broken flowers"
04. Adrian Mesu "Don't be afraid"
05. Kygo feat Maty Noyes "Stay"
06. Vicente One More Time feat Veronika Bows "Don't waste your time"
07. Nils Van Zandt feat Sharon Doorson "Feel like dancing"
08. Chus Garcia and Ernesto Zapata feat Samuel Lion "Feeling loved"
09. Jorge Leon feat Jonny Rose "Gold"
10. Hardwell feat Jake Reese "Run wild"
11. Fonsi Nieto feat David Ros "Golden hearts"
12. Edu Pin Pan Vasteam Dj's "Hypnotized"
13. Christina Matsa "If you wanna (stephen f remix)"
14. Alex Guesta and Nicola Fasano feat Kyle Richardson "Liquid stars"
15. Tungevaag and Raaban "Wolf"
16. Martin Van Lectro "Never know"
17. Josef Salvat "Paradise"
18. Roberto Sansixto feat Ruth Calixta "Phoenix"
19. Volt and State "Sandcastles (ben lemonz edit)"
20. Tiesto feat Oliver Heldens and Natalie La Rose "The right song"
21. Barei "Say yay"
22. Shake Coconut and Dj Neil feat Tenesoya "The one"
23. Coveri and Donati "Trust me now"
24. Distortive "Unbelievable"

01. Jordi MB feat Jason Rene "You"
02. KSHMR and Marnik "Bazaar (official sunburn goa 2015 anthem)"
03. Fruela "Blaming you (javi reina mix)"
04. Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP "From me to you"
05. Jose AM feat Lexter "Fast lane"
06. Topic feat Nico Santos "Home"
07. Arnold Palmer feat Minelli "Hump"
08. The Moonsters feat Ruth Calixta and Gemeni "I just wanna he-man"
09. Victor Milas feat Monday Midnite "I see myself in you"
10. Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike vs W and W "Arcade"
11. Corey Smith feat Addie "Just live"
12. Max Zotti feat Iossa "Leap of faith (flatdisk remix)"
13. Hugo Nandez feat Maximilian G "Like we were one"
14. Phil Daras and Carlo Lucca feat Dale Saunders "Lucky lover"
15. Christopher S and Dark Clowns feat Natascha Wright "Show me the light"
16. Dj Combo "Nirvana (this is how we drop the bounce)"
17. Aless Gibaja "Re aless"
18. Roger Sanchez feat Stealth "Remember me (luca schreiner edit)"
19. TyDi feat Nash Overstreet "Tear me up"
20. Basto and Natasha Bedingfield "Unicorn"
21. Marco Laschi, Giona Guidi and Ron Carroll "The light"
22. Danny Eigh feat Mike C "Tonight"
23. Baktuns "With you"
24. Eva Simons feat Sidney Samson "Bludfire"



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